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2012-07-13 -Arkanoid for the FireBee
I recently got my FireBee, which is really a nice piece of hardware! However, because of the very different architecture of this machine, the current game patches unfortunately can't work on the FireBee.
After some fiddling around and getting lots of help from the nice people at the ACP (special thanks to Mathias and Vincent!), there is now a test version of Arkanoid for the FireBee
Please keep in mind that this version has to be considered as being in pre-alpha status, so some things don't work 100%, or not at all.

Here are the restrictions:
- USB keyboards and mice won't work in the game. You'll have to use Atari keyboards/mice or connect PS2 devices via an Eiffel interface.
- Some monitors may not support the FireBee's ST low screen resolution, the output timings generated by the FPGA are not 100% yet. If you get a black screen, try to use the VGA input on your LCD monitor by using a DVI->VGA adapter.
- You need to start the game from FireTOS or from Mint. Running the game from EmuTOS won't work, since there is no 68K emulation layer in EmuTOS.
- There will be slight flicker on some of the sprites here and there, due to the VBL interrupt not being synced to the monitor VBL (hard to fix, maybe some day).
- There's another minor bug in the FPGA/Videl that shifts the entire ST low picture down by one halfline. This is hardly noticeable in this game, though.
- Snapshots taken on the FireBee can't be restored on other machines (and vice-versa).

This is not much more than a proof of concept yet. Maybe we'll also see some sort of emulator on the FireBee for running ST games. In any case, there may be more game fixes coming for the FireBee from my side, but there are some issues that have to be solved before that.
This FireBee version should also work on 'normal' Ataris, it's a 'universal binary' ;-)
2012-07-13 - Erik, Swiv, Icons
Some new bits today:

Erik has been updated for the CT60/3 now.

AtFaCT has provided new icon sets for two games: Spot and Kid Gloves Thanks again for your great work!

Swiv had a bug in the highscore list that resulted in the scores not being sorted properly when a new high score was achieved. Fixed now. Please re-download and replace your SWIV.KLP file with the new one. And once more, thanks to AtFaCT for discovering this bug. :-)
2012-06-24 - Kid Gloves
Here's a nice and solid platformer for your enjoyment: Kid Gloves.
2012-06-21 - Pang updated for CT60/3
Another CT60 upgrade that took some time and effort, but as Pang is such a nice game I think it was worth it. :-)
2012-06-15 - Spot
Today's new game is not what I would call a highlight of gaming history. Anyway, the more inferior games have to be fixed as well, don't they? Also, there are a lot of commercial games on the ST that are even worse. So, here is Spot.
PS: thanks to MugUK for pastifying this game (some years ago!).
2012-06-11 - Oids updated
Here's a little update for Oids. It should now work perfectly on multitasking systems and will be fine when launched from a CTPCI/ATI screen or with software screen enhancers on the Falcon. I also fixed 2 minor bugs in my code that appeared when using certain functions in the game's galaxy editor. Please see the README.TXT file for more info.
2012-06-09 - More new icon sets + a tiny fix
AtFaCT has provided some great new icons sets for the following titles:
- Erik
- Captain Dynamo
- Star Wars
- Winter Games
- Swiv

After releasing Swiv yesterday, I noticed a tiny bug that may occur randomly on Falcon class machines (very brief screen flicker while playing). This has been fixed now, so please re-download if you feel bothered, ;-)
2012-06-08 - Swiv
Another new patch for 'ya all. Here's a great shoot-em-up title that looks and plays really slick: Swiv.

On another note: seeing that I failed to do it yet in public, I want to say a big "Thank you!" to all the playtesters who have helped ensuring the games working on a plethora of Atari machines during the recent months. Cheers to (in no special order):
- Jake/Depression
- ggn
- Official Ninja
- IamI
- Showaddywaddy
- Christos
- MitchFrenzal

PS: new icons by AtFaCT for the recent patches will follow tomorrow!
2012-06-01 - Sentinel updated for CT60/63
Sentinel has been updated for the CT60/63. About 30 individual changes to the code had to be applied to make it work properly on the 68060 CPU.
2012-05-30 - Winter Games
Recently, a fellow Atarian rightly complained of the lack of sports games on this site. It's time to rectify this, so, for starters, today's release is the classic multi-event sports title Winter Games. Enjoy! :-)
2012-05-25 - Populous revisited
Populous has been updated for the CT60/63.
If you don't have a CT6x machine it is still recommended to re-download this patch, as this new version fixes a bug in my code that could be experienced on the MegaSTE @16MHz and the TT. Also, game play speed has been improved on the Falcon030 and the TT. See the README.TXT file for more details.
2012-05-21 - New icon sets
AtFaCT has been busy again and has designed 5 new and shiny icon sets for the following games:
- Oids
- Populous
- Pang
- Sentinel
- Warlock's Quest
Also, the icon set for The Bard's Tale has been updated.

On a different note, Star Wars has been updated upon request to save the high scores when you quit the game with CTRL-D.
2012-05-20 - Star Wars
Here's Star Wars.
And don't forget: "Use the mouse, Luke!". Really, joystick control is not recommended. ;-)
2012-05-18 - Warlock's Quest
Warlock's Quest originally worked on TOS 1.00 or TOS 1.02 only. This new version will be ok on all TOS versions and on all machines up to the Falcon CT6x. Not what I would call a great game, but it's uncomplicated fun for a while, even when it's quite hard.
2012-05-14 - Update for the orignal Arkanoid
The patch for Arkanoid (1) had already been CT60 compatible, but you would have to start it from plain TOS. The new update makes it compatible with multitasking OSes. Also, memory snapshots have been added and - upon request - the game will now load user made level sets, which may be created with one of the Arkanoid editors. Please see the README.TXT file on how to do this.
2012-05-10 - And now for something completely different...
Thanks to the initiative of AtFaCT, there is a very nice enhancement for your (alternative) desktops available today: AtFaCT has drawn a couple of beautiful icon sets for the games released recently on this site. All of these are hand-crafted and pixel-perfect representations of the games. When there is a icon set available for a specific game, it will appear as a "Icons" download link, to the right of the other download options. Each icon set zip file will also contain instructions on how to install the icons on the various desktops.

Many thanks and kudos to AtFaCT for this great job - and keep them coming! :-)
2012-05-08 - Little green bastards
Lemmings has been added to the site. Don't download this if you intend to do something else than just sitting in front of your computer screen during the next couple of days.
2012-04-26 - Two new fixes for the CT60/3 line
Here are two new updates for your CT6x:
North & South
Metro-Cross has also been provided with the state save option, which had been missing before.
2012-04-21 - Bubble Ghost
Here's a little game that I always enjoyed playing: Bubble Ghost. This one took a bit longer to fix as I had expected because there had to be quite a lot of slowdowns to be patched in to keep it playable on fast machines.
2012-04-15 - Gauntlet for CT60
Here's Gauntlet, ready for your CT60/3!
Also updated Arkanoid 2 (crashed with the Trapper extension) and Indiana Jones (bug in level skip trainer fixed).
2012-04-10 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Action Game
Following "The Temple of Doom", Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was the 2nd action game for the ST based on George Lucas' and Steven Spielberg's famous movie series. Sadly the game doesn't do justice to the movie - but which game does. I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.
2012-04-06 - Road Runner for CT60
Added the CT60/63 fix for Road Runner. This game now also has a 'hardcore mode' option if you run it at 16MHz or faster.
2012-04-04 - The Bard's Tale
Is there only one role playing game on this site yet? Hmmm, seems so. Ok, let's double that with a truly classic RPG title: have fun with The Bard's Tale.
2012-03-26 - Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh
For all bat-and-ball fans (which includes myself) here's the second installment in the classic Arkanoid series: Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh. Another fine arcade conversion by Peter Johnson.
2012-03-24 - Sim City for CT60
Here's the CT60/63 fix for Sim City. Enjoy!
2012-03-15 - Fire and Ice for CT60
Just one CT60 update today. Graftgold's Fire and Ice is now ready for your top-of-the-line Atari machine. Falcon030 users may also benefit from re-downloading, as you can now optionally switch on the CPU caches for some additional speed.
2012-03-13 - CT60 compatibilty
Finally, after some fruitless attempts, I have managed to get a CT60 equipped Falcon (Hurrrahh!). As was to be expected, it turned out that most of the patches on this site would not want to work properly on the CT60, or not at all. After fiddling with the machine for about two weeks now, I'm starting to get a grip on it. Therefore I hope that all new patches that will be released in the future will also be CT60/63 compatible! I will also try to update most of the older patches, step by step, that don't work on the CT60 yet.
For starters, here's a CT60 fixed version of Defender of the Crown. More to follow! :-)
2012-03-01 - Sim City
Now that the site has ben resurrected again, it's time to put some new stuff online!
Sim City is the first title to feature a new core for AES games, so they can be launched from any screen resolution. Other goodies, like snapshots, are available for this type of game as well now. Yeah, I know, you can save your game in Sim City already, so snapshots are not really necessary, but as they're easy to implement I just left them in.
2012-03-01 - Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road
Better belated than never: here's Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road, finally available on this site.
2012-02-15 - A second home
Thanks to the generosity of ggn and the other good guys at D-Bug there is now a mirror of www.klapauzius.net (which is unfortunately down ATM) on the D-Bug server. Cheers to ggn, CJ and Shw! :-)
2012-02-02 - Fire and Ice
The code in this game was quite a nightmare to work with, but I think this title is worth a bit of effort: here's Fire and Ice.
2012-01-23 - Dugger
Here's a very nice Dig-Dug clone for the Atari ST family: Dugger. This is one of the very few ST games to come from a Swiss publisher (even when it's 'Made in Germany').
2012-01-17 - World Darts
Have you watched the Darts World Championship tournaments on TV recently? Well I did, enjoyed myself and got in the mood for playing (and fixing) a Darts game for the Atari ST. Here's the result: World Darts.
2012-01-14 - Deliverance
Deliverance is a platformer that looks and plays very well. Actually it's the sequel to Hewson's Stormlord, taking place in the same universe, but featuring a more action oriented gameplay. Hope you'll enjoy it. :-)
2012-01-07 - Oids
Here's a much loved classic: get Oids!
2011-12-31 - The Godfather
One of the best movies ever made into a computer game. Sounds good? Well, try it and judge for yourself.
2011-12-26 - Baby Jo
Here's a latecomer from the Xmas special for this year: Baby Jo in "Going Home", a quirky platformer that has something special about it - maybe it's the French touch?.

I have been busy to provide better support for multitasking OSes in the last weeks, mainly for Mint in its various flavours. This is the first title that is guaranteed (well, sort of) to run and quit hassle free on Mint or MagiC, even with memory protection switched on. To be precise, some of the later patches on this site already did work with MagiC and memory protection, but failed on Mint, due to the mp being implemented differently on this OS. Quitting to the desktop has been generally improved for multitasking OSes (Mint, MagiC, Geneva). Please note that this applies only to machines with an 68000 or 68030 CPU, sadly I still haven't got my CT60 to start working on the 060 specifics.
2011-12-22 - Stario's Christmas
Only 2 days left 'til Xmas Eve and finally here's a game that's actually Christmas themed (sort of, at least): Stario's Christmas. Rip-off or not, it's lots of fun to play even when the graphics are a bit minimalist. Enjoy - and beware of flying fish!
2011-12-18 - Captain Dynamo
Another title from the wishlist thread on AF, and this time it's a really nice one. Captain Dynamo is a platformer that looks and plays very well. Please give it a go if you don't know this game yet.
2011-12-17 - Impact
Don't judge a book by its cover. Impact may look a bit 8-bitish but it's lots of fun to play. One of my favourite Breakout games on the ST. I hope you'll like it too.
2011-12-15 - Strider
I think Strider was requested years(?) ago, in the patch wishlist thread on Atari Forum. Sorry for taking so long with the requests! Anyway, this is a quite nice game by Tiertex for a change. It might also be CT60 compatible, but no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. ;-)
2011-12-13 - Battlezone
Here's another well known classic for you to enjoy (or ignore, just as you please :-) ): Battlezone
2011-12-12 - Mata Hari
A rather unknown game for you to explore today: Mata Hari. This game was first developed on the Amstrad CPC and redesigned for the ST one year later. If you manage to complete the game (which isn't that hard actually), you will even be 'rewarded' with an x-rated end sequence.
Now, did that grab your attention? ;-)
2011-12-09 - Commando
Ok, quality level is rising again. :-)
Here's a classic military shooter you'll surely be familiar with: Commando. This fix actually worked on a CT60 it has been tested on, although I really wouldn't dare to call it CT60 compatible as long as I don't have gathered more experience in this matter. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it!
2011-12-07 - Sargon III
Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first: today's release is a boring, lousy Chess game. I did it some 3 years ago and couldn't make up my mind then whether I should put it online or not. I still rather wouldn't. However, somehow Chess fits with cold winter days and Christmas time, so there you have it.

And now for the good news: it won't get any worse than that! :)
2011-12-04 - Sentinel
You may have been wondering why it has been so quiet on this site recently. Well, I've secretely(?) been stockpiling some stuff to release in a December special. Now that this time has come, I hope it will sweeten your pre-Christmas period a bit.
Let's start with a game that was always close to my heart: Geoff Crammond's early masterpiece Sentinel. Please try it if you don't know the game yet - it's an extremely addictive one.
2011-12-04 - D-Bug + Klaz Christmas Countdown
Starting with today there will be a fresh patched game released each day until Christmas - and maybe even beyond that, if we don't run out of steam.
Head over to the D-Bug site for more info!
2011-11-10 - Drakkhen
Drakkhen took some time due to the huge chunk of compiled code and a quite large number of files to get off the disks. Playing through the whole game until the end cost me another few days of my life. Anyway, it's ready now and I can finally continue with something else. ;-)
2011-10-29 - Gauntlet
Here's Gauntlet. Now Klaz needs food, BADLY.
2011-10-25 - Erik
A quite cute and charming platformer has been added to the games page. I couldn't find an original or a pasti image of this game so I used Hot Knife's crack from a D-Bug menu as a starting point for this fix - Thx D-Bug!
Have fun with Erik.
2011-10-21 - Chase HQ
Here's another title from that long-drawn-out patch wish list on Atari Forum. Hope you'll enjoy Chase HQ.
2011-10-18 - Airball
This one went much faster than usual as I had done some of the work, like trainer, score saver and a mouse control fix, a few years ago already. Go and pump up your Airball.
2011-10-17 - Bombuzal
A program that will show a lot of bombs on your screen, but hasn't crashed despite that: check out Bombuzal.
2011-10-11 - Tonic Tile
Here's an Arkanoid clone with great music and nice graphics. On the other hand, gameplay suffers from some input lag, mediocre collision detection and a somewhat jerky frame rate on 8MHz Ataris. It plays much better at 16MHz+, especially as this new version will give you a constant frame rate of 2 VBLs on the Falcon and the TT. At the same time ball movement has been slowed down a bit on faster machines, so your reflexes won't be overstrained.

Enjoy Tonic Tile.
2011-10-02 - Lombard RAC Rallye
And here we go again. Already.

This one was half-way finished when I took my hiatus more than a year ago.

I hope you still enjoy my patches, even when there are no new features compared to last years releases. Of course, HD/Falcon030/TT/MegaSTE compatibility is still warranted. If you don't have a hard disk or a similar device the games will also still work from a floppy disk. I've included a lap time saver for this title and, as always, you may also quit the game to the desktop and save your game progress using memory snapshots on real machines (and on emulators, too). It should also be compatible with modern OSes, like Mint or MagiC, even when I have very limited experience with full-blown Mint systems. At least it works like a charm on my Falcon030, running MagiC, NVDI and the Jinnee desktop, even with memory protection switched on.

Enough waffle now! Go and grab Lombard RAC Rally.
2011-10-02 - A sign of life
Well, I'm very sorry that this site hasn't been updated for such a long time with almost 20 months having passed without any activity from my side. Somehow I had lost interest in the Atari world and had moved on to other things. But hey, that's life, I guess :-)
Anyway, my interest in my old Ataris has now been kindled again (a bit, at least) so you may find the odd new patch released on this site some day soon. Stay tuned!
2010-02-16 - Hex
In early 1986 this was one of the few ST games that I had and it was one that I enjoyed a lot. I've played this game for hours and hours and couldn't stop. I couldn't win either - but now, only 24 years later - here's a version of Hex that also includes a trainer.
Many thanks to Marakatti for the Pasti image and to (Sir) Jake/Depression for scanning in the manual.
2010-02-10 - The Seven Gates of Jambala
The Seven Gates of Jambala was Thalion's first venture into commercial gaming. Sadly, regarding gameplay, it's far from the best of their efforts. Anyway, it's fixed for HD and Falcon030/TT now, so why not give it a try if you don't know the game already.
2010-01-28 - Aaargh!
I discovered this game when I had an Amiga for a short period of time, somewhere around 1988. The ST version doesn't look and sound as crisp, but I think that it's still lots of fun, even when it's a bit silly. Here's Aaargh!
2010-01-22 - Driller - and some technical blah...
This game may be more notable for the early 3D-engine it's based upon than for its playability, but if you love tough puzzles you might want to try it anyway: here's Driller.

On another technical sidenote, I discovered a 'bug' in my code, that would prevent the games from working under MagiC under certain circumstances. Well, actually I found that it's a bug in MagiC's xbios set_screen function. It would only occur if you started the game under MagiC + the size of your desktop screen was larger than the standard ST screen size + you did *not* have NVDI installed (you should have that, anyway ;-) ). That problem won't persist from this game on. As a side effect, I spent some more time with MagiC on my Falcon now and have installed Jinnee as my standard desktop there, which is a really nice piece of software. (Context menus with right mouse button, links, great window handling, etc.) :-)

Another issue has been adressed as well now: in the (unlikely?) case that you're using some kind of PMMU related memory protection on your 68030 based machine (like MinT with memory protection, MAGTOROM, Outside, etc.), you would have not been able to start most of my fixes. Well, it turned out that my PMMU handling code had been too basic to cope with protected memory. In this game and in future releases memory protection will now be disabled when starting the game and re-instated on a quit to the desktop. Well, I should have studied the official ULS3 sources more intensely. ;-)
2010-01-13 - Starglider
Here's another classic title: Starglider. Despite its good reputation I must admit that I didn't really enjoy this game. On the other hand, I'm quite sure someone else will. ;-)
2010-01-06 - Rolling Ronny
I never had played this game before but when I saw it coming up in STOT the next week I thought I'd give it a try. It was quite fun to patch and play test this game, so I hope you'll enjoy it too. Get Rolling Ronny.

On a side note, I've started with adding some bits to the About page. Not much in it yet, but I'll see that I'll keep it updated from time to time.
2009-12-27 - Computer Scrabble (aka: Scrabble de Luxe)
Well, what can I say? It's Computer Scrabble. Nuff said.
2009-12-26 - Black Sect (French)
This was almost finished when I did the English version of this nice adventure game, but somehow I forgot to compile the final files and release it to the public. So now, only two years later, here's the HD/Falcon030/etc. compatible French version of Black Sect.
2009-12-25 - Black Tiger
I'm late again, but just a few hours too late at least. Here's my humble Xmas present for this year: Black Tiger.
2009-12-22 - Defender of the Crown
Well, having finished my version of Defender of the Crown I can finally win a jousting tournament - something I didn't manage during all those years. ;-)
2009-12-15 - Interchange (aka: Inspector Hecti in the Interchange)
A really sweet game awaits you here. A pitty I've discovered it only recently.
2009-12-12 - FOFT (aka: Federation of Free Traders)
Playing this game is about as exciting as reading a telephone book. So have at least 5 espressos before clicking here. Many thanks go to Mug UK for supplying Pasti images of his original disks.
2009-12-04 - Space Harrier
Here's a game that I always enjoyed playing: Space Harrier.
2009-11-21 - A storm is coming
Is it just a storm in a tea cup? You decide... Get Typhoon here.
2009-11-16 - It's not Easter yet ...
... so don't let your eggs get crack'ed.
2009-11-14 - Back again ...
Having endured some family and health related problems this spring/summer, I'm finally in the mood for doing some Atari stuff again. Progress with patched games will probably be even slower than usual (I'm still not 100% well yet), but I hope to be able to fix a game or two per month, or something like that.

Anyway, here's Leatherneck for starters, fully featured as usual. Go grab it!
2009-03-03 - Global Commander
Here's Global Commander, aka "The Armageddon Man". There's no manual included yet, but I hope to rectify this soon.
2009-02-23 - Cosmic Pirate
Here's another 'wishlist' title, this time from karlm: Cosmic Pirate. Enjoy (if you can). :-)
2009-02-17 - Two small fixes
Road Runner had a tiny bug that could cause a freeze when your floppy motor was running but the floppy LED had been deselected anyway. This may happen on some systems when you've got no floppy disk in the drive while booting your machine. It's fixed in the new version.

Goldrunner suffered from corrupt graphics if you had put the program in an AUTO folder and ran it from there with some early TOS versions. Fixed as well now!
2009-02-13 - Road Runner
Download Road Runner. That's all folks!
2009-02-08 - Flying Shark
Let's get going! Here's Flying Shark. Good thing that the games I've done recently were all simple trap #1 loaders, so I could make up a bit for the time lost with Populous. Enjoy! :-)
2009-02-05 - Wrangler
Here's a relatively unknown title, that I really enjoyed playing: Wrangler. Hope you'll enjoy it too! Many thanks to Mug UK for the Pasti image of the original disk and for scanning and OCRing the manual!
2009-02-01 - Steigar
Lowering the quality bar again (not the quality of the fixes I hope, but considering the game in question) here's Steigar, fully feautured nonetheless. Well, I guess at least there's one Falcon user who is now a tiny bit happier... :-)
2009-01-27 - Populous
Here is Populous, a game that was HD compatible from the start, but didn't really like faster CPUs, nor the Falcon or TT. Play it at 16Mhz+, if you can. The input lag that plagued it at 8Mhz is greatly reduced with a faster CPU.
Sorry that it took so long to release a new fix here, but free time was scarce yet again. I hope the next game won't take 4 weeks to finish. :-)
2008-12-28 - Super Hang-On
Well, I'm late again with my Christmas presents, but better late than never. So here's a HD, Falcon, etc. compatible version of another old favourite of mine: Super Hang-On, fully featured as usual, including memory snapshots, quit to desktop, trainers, etc. Hope you'll enjoy it. :-)
2008-12-13 - The final Klapauzius menus
Here are my final menus #17 and #18. Again, both menus originate from prehistoric times and have nothing to do with my recent patching activites. With these two online, all of my old compilation disks are available now, either here or on planetemu.net. Case closed! ;-)
2008-12-10 - International Karate
Sorry, it's not the acclaimed follow-up title IK+, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway: here's International Karate, the original version. Play it at 16MHz, if you've got the hardware.
2008-12-06 - Pac-Mania
Sorry for the recent delay, but I had to suffer a few hectic weeks. Anyway, just in time for Santa Claus Feast Day, here's a HD, Falcon, etc. compatible version of Pac-Mania. Btw, I wonder: is it a German only tradition to bring little presents on the 6th of December?
2008-11-16 - Hotshot
Here's yet another old and slightly crappy title: Hotshot.
2008-11-10 - North & South
North & South is a one-of-a-kind game. Basically a strategy title, it's based upon a Belgian cartoon named "Les Tuniques Bleues". The atmosphere and humour in this comic title have been transferred perfectly to the computer screen. If you don't know it yet, give it try - I'm sure you won't regret it. Oh, and don't click on the photographer's backside. ;-)
2008-10-28 - The birth of a new union ....... and Goldrunner
Simultaneously with the release of ULS 3 (read more about that at the D-Bug site) a new union in the Atari ST scene is born today:

The ULS Consortium

Consisting of two members only at the moment (D-Bug and myself) we hope this union to grow!

To start it all off you will find a new version of what is probably the best racing game on the ST at D-Bug's, on which CJ certainly pulled out all the stops, while here you'll find a hypercharged version of the old favourite Goldrunner.
Apart from the features you'll have grown accustomed to (like score saving, HD and Falcon compatibility, etc.) this game (along with the one from D-Bug) is the first to introduce a new feature for real machines, that was hitherto only available to some emulators:

Memory Snapshot save/load

Thanks to the brilliant ULS system, this feature will allow you to save/load your progression in the game at any time via hotkeys! You will need a hard disk and at least 2MB RAM for this to work.

Control 1 - 9 to save memory snapshot #1 - #9
Control F1 - F9 to load memory snapshot #1 - #9

Up to 9 different snapshots can be saved to hard disk. You may resume your saved game at any time, even when you have switched off your machine in the meantime. Trainer status will also be saved/resumed. That means, for example, if you choose no trainer on the textro screen but resume a snapshot that had the trainer on, the trainer options will be restored from the snapshot. Snapshots are compatible with different systems, i.e. you can save a snapshot on a STFM and restore it, for example, on your Falcon.

Enjoy! :-)
2008-10-11 - Trailblazer
Download Trailblazer and bounce away... :-)
2008-10-07 - File downloads, STE detection and a tiny Menace fix
Well, I did a kinda major update to the games page today:

As promised, all the games are now available for download in a 'files only' format as well, which should be more convenient if you intend to play the games from your harddisk. The content itself hasn't changed, except for one game (see below).

All games have been fixed for proper detection of STEs and MegaSTEs that have IDE hardware attached. No need to re-download if you don't own machines of that kind.

Menace had a tiny bug, that could cause a crash on the Falcon after a warm boot. Of course this bug didn't raise its head before I had released the game, but the day after that. ;-) Anyway, it's fixed now!
2008-10-03 - Menace
At request of simonsunnyboy, here's a HD/Falcon/etc. compatible version of Menace. Sorry that this release comes a bit too late to be used in the recent round of STOT, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. :-)
Also, starting with this title, you now have the choice of either downloading an MSA image (more convenient if you intend to play the game on emulators) or simply the zipped file(s), that may go straight to your hard disk (or anywhere else). Thanx to Saviour for pointing me at this. The remainder of the titles on this site will receive the same treatment in the near future.
2008-09-26 - Fixing the fixes
While doing Darius+ I discovered a bug in my shell code, that could cause a crash with some of my fixes, when running the games from hard disk on machines with only 1MB of RAM. Mind you, the games could all be completed, just the bonus high score savers were prone to crash. I guess most (all?) of you HD owners out there won't be affected - well equipped with memory in great profusion - but I'm picky, so I fixed the games in question. :-)

Last Duel
Mickey Mouse
2008-09-24 - Back again ... finally
Well, summer has left early this year in my Franconian homeland, so rather than exercising in fresh air (which strangely didn't have any positive effect on my weight this year anyway) I'm more attracted to switching on my Ataris again and have a go with one game or another.
So here are the first fruits of my resumed patching activities:

Chubby Gristle

Yeah, Chubby Gristle is already available in a HD/Falcon fixed version, but it had been lying around on my hard disk for some time now, 99% finished, and was just waiting for some final touches. Darius+ .... well, just go to the game page and read on (if you like). :-)
2008-04-20 - A long break
Just a short note to tell you that I'll have to take a longer break from all things Atari - real life gets in my way again - so this site probably won't be updated for some time. However, be sure that I'll be back sooner or later - promised!
2008-03-29 - Pang
Updated the games page with a HD/Falcon/etc. fixed version of Pang. A bit too late for being a proper easter egg, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.
2008-03-26 - Metro-Cross - the final edition
Uploaded the trained and final version of Metro-Cross. :-) Get it here.
2008-03-06 - Metro-Cross - The STOT Edition
Guess it was my turn this time to help the good guys at STOT with a fixed game: get the new (yet untrained) patched version of Metro-Cross here. Saves high scores too, btw. :-)
2008-03-03 - Exolon
A pepped up version of Exolon is ready for download on the games page. Enjoy!
2008-02-27 - Another dusty menu digged up: KCD # 11
Have a look at the menu page for another 'lost' Klapauzius menu. This time it's Klapauzius Compact Disk # 11. Please let me stress again that the reason I put them online now is just to satisfy the needs of the die-hard collectors. ;-) These old menus are NOT working from hard disk and most probably they won't be Falcon compatible either (ok, I haven't checked). Eerrmm ... you have been warned! :-)
2008-02-23 - TT compatibility
With the recent addition of an Atari TT to my collection of machines I couldn't help checking all the titles on the games page. It turned out that some would work perfectly on the TT, others were playable but had a few quirks here and there and a handful wouldn't work at all on this machine. Fortunately, fixing the faulty games for the TT wasn't too hard. So if you're a lucky TT owner, you might want to re-download the new patched versions. The titles that didn't work at all on the TT were:

Arkanoid (crashed when picking up certain bonus capsules)
Zynaps (crashed if loaded from floppy)
Garfield (crashed immediately)
Run the Gauntlet (froze after loading the buggy race)

However, all games - except Black Sect - have been updated for the TT, so just get them all! ;-)
2008-02-18 - Elite is back again
Ion Tichy of Elite was here with another guest perfomance, this time with the first ever completable version of "Captain America Defies the Doom Tube"! Yes, there was a bug in the original preventing you from finishing the game. Read more about it at the usual place. The game also features a swell new intro done by Bod/Stax - mille grazie for this one!
2008-02-13 - Garfield is here
The first installment of Garfield's adventures on the ST is now available for download. Since this game is quite tricky to complete there's also a short manual and a walkthrough solution to save you from black dispair. Get it here.
2008-01-29 - Run the Gauntlet
Another HD/Falcon/etc. fixed title is available for download. This time it's Run the Gauntlet by Ocean. Not the best game by this publisher, but certainly not their worst either. And for a change, it's even no movie license, neither is it a platformer. A manual in text file format is on-hand, too. Enjoy!
2008-01-19 - a not so flashy update
Upon more or less popular demand I have removed the depacker flashing on the following games: Last Duel, Veteran, Mickey Mouse and Zynaps. Nothing else has been changed, so there is no need to re-download unless you're bothered for aesthetic reasons. The remainder of the games that are yet online don't use depack flashing during play, so I left them untouched.
2008-01-16 - Mickey Mouse
Well, the last couple of days at work were quite slow, so slow in fact that I even could fire up good old Steem debugger on a PC and do a bit of hacking. So here is another HD/Falcon/etc. fixed title that also appears with a trainer for the first time: Mickey Mouse by Gremlin. You might well need the trainer, because even when it looks a bit like a kid's game, it isn't that easy to beat all four towers.
2008-01-06 - Arkanoid
One of my personal all time favourites has now been reconditioned to work on newer Atari machines and from hard disk. This version also has some additional goodies like new levels and a few nice trainer options. Download it here and enjoy! :-)
2008-01-01 - Klapauzius menu # 10 released
Menu # 10 receives it's first public appearance, only 16 years after it had been done. As with all my other menus, please consider it as an collector's item only. It's not up to the standards of my recent single game hacks or the menus of other well-respected groups. Anyway, I hope that some people will enjoy it. Get it here. Three more menus still to come...
2007-12-31 - 6 games are online
Well, you wouldn't visit here if there wasn't anything to play with, right? ;-)  Ok, here goes:

Last Duel
Black Sect (English version)

All of them are Falcon/Mega/ST/E compatible and will run from hard disk. Most of the titles have additional goodies, like trainers, score savers and a quit option. I will try to add to the games releases as good as I can, but please don't expect anything like the rate at which the D-Bug guys pump out fixed games. There's just too many things going on in my real life, as well as working on other Atari projects. A rate of one or two new titles per month is more likely, although I can't promise even that. So stay tuned, but don't be all on edge.
2007-12-31 - Site opened
Finally found some time over the Christmas holidays to do what I wanted to do for a very long time: build a little web site for all the Atari ST stuff that runs under the Klapauzius label. You will find some hard disk/Falcon/etc. patched games as well as some of my old and dusty menus I did many years ago. As some of you may know, I'm also a member of the Atari Legend team. The stuff you will find here doesn't fit on the Atari Legend website for one reason or another, so rather than keeping it for myself, I decided to give it its own home.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

And, of course, a happy new year to everyone!
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